HOW TO Contact Session Leaders & Organisations

Weekday sessions

All Pilates sessions contact Nicola Parker on 07913 668599

Karate contact John O’Neill on 07590 309462

Tea Dance contact Valerie Jefferies on 0151 427 1433

Wu Shu Kwan Kung Fu contact Steve Bishop on 07525 032511

There are three independent yoga tutors at SARA Hall (please check the tutor name on the timetable) 

Yoga with Carole Griffith on 07748 260353

Yoga, Mindfulness and Seated Exercise & Relaxation classes with Pip Bellis on 07813 359622 or 0151 352 9821

Yoga with June Bradshaw on 07772 892353

We have two independent art classes and an independent local history class

Gordon Brown’s Art Class contact Gordon Brown on 07808 669655

Painting with Acrylics contact Steve Strode on 07900 380372

Local History contact Alan Makin on 0151 284 2216

Weekend sessions (these sessions are not weekly - please check the calendar)

Tai Chi Workshops contact Angela Howarth on 07568 567602

Eddie Chinn Drama Workshops contact Tracie Nelson on 07514 098684

For any of our other weekly events please contact SARA Hall on 0151 726 0805

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